Care-for-Cows Lets the Livestock Massage and Look After Themselves

 - Oct 22, 2011
References: andreij & treehugger
No mammal is immune to the positive effects of a thorough massage; a simple tautology that inspired the Swedish agricultural company Sveaverken AB to design the Care-for-Cows system, which allows the penned up animals to caress and stroke themselves ad nauseum.

Domesticated animals are the subject of endless physical attention -- whether it's belly rubs or a simple neck scratch -- so why aren't the animals we industrially raise given the same soothing treatment? The lack of an adequate answer has led to the development of Care-for-Cows, a rubber massage brush intended for autonomous use by dairy cows. Once installed, the livestock naturally gravitate toward the brush, whose health benefits go beyond mere comfort. The ensuing massage helps improve blood circulation in the capillaries beneath the cow's skin and simultaneously removes the fleas and parasites they play host to. Because the welfare of livestock is coming under growing scrutiny, the Care-for-Cow system manages to comfort the lonely animals and simultaneously placate the public.