Seattle-Based Artist Michael Leavitt Creates Cardboard Shoe Recreations

Seattle-based artist Micheal Leavitt created cardboard shoes as a part of his project 'Hip Hoprojects.' The artist turns a simple material like cardboard into spectacular replicas of popular shoe designs.

Leavitt chose to use cardboard as the material for the shoes because the trial and error process has barely any consequences; if he doesn't create the right shape for the sneaker the first time, he can simply toss the cardboard in a recycling bin and grab another old cardboard box. Leavitt explains, "canvas and oil paints are pricey; traditional sculpture materials and tools are pricey. Sculpting with garbage is about as cheap as it gets."

The shoes look realistic enough to wear. I wouldn't suggest trying to ball in the cardboard Js, even though they look legit. You might end up with a broken ankle or two.