Pop-Out Car Wheel Makes Parallel Parking a Breeze

 - Mar 27, 2009
References: youtube
The major automakers are introducing all sorts of high-tech gadgetry to assist drivers with parallel parking, such as rear cameras, backup beepers and guiding sensors.

Yet sometimes, the simplest and most brilliant ideas come from the most unexpected places. This video shows a very cool car modification, apparently invented by an unknown but clever Egyptian, that addresses the age-old parallel parking challenge in a very simplistic way.

This car seems to effortlessly slip in and out of tight spaces with the help of a pop-out fifth wheel. The additional wheel, centered between the two rear wheels in a left-to-right direction, simply lowers down when its needed to roll the car sideways into a parking spot. Awesome.

Will the Big Three follow suit? I don’t know, but I want one of these!