This Bespoke Black Star Cape Design is Made from Geometric Leather Straps

 - Jan 17, 2016
References: fancy & fancy
The Black Star Cape design is a bespoke handmade accessory that adds detail and embellishments to the wearer's back with a webbed aesthetic made from geometric belts. The design strays from the conventional notion of a cape with a fabric-free aesthetic made exclusively from thin leather straps. The overall design adds modular shapes to the wearer's back.

The adjustable cape features a series of thin leather straps that come together in cross sections to form a large web design. The wearer's back shines through on the spaces between the web's outline, becoming a part of the overall design. The cape hooks onto the wearer with connecting arm pieces, adding dimension to open-backed shirts or dresses. This would be a great piece to use for layering to add a bohemian vibe.