Jojo Chuang's Candy Furniture Collection is Inspired by Tasty Treats

Taiwanese designer Jojo Chuang's Candy Furniture collection is inspired by everyone's favorite dessert snacks. Described as 'something you would see in a Hansel and Gretel storybook', these pieces are vibrantly hued and deceptively sweet in their design.

These delicious furniture pieces boast a marbled look that is reminiscent of marshmallow-infused candy snacks. The stools are covered in a blend of pink, purple and blue tones and look as if they are melting.

Jojo Chuang's Candy Furniture collection is a great addition to modern interiors or kids' rooms with a sugar rush theme. Each of these furnishings is an instant statement piece thanks to its sculptural design. In addition to aesthetics, these stools are comfortable for users and are compact in size.