From Dual-Purpose Activity Desks to Fun Dollhouse Chairs

 - Oct 16, 2015
These multi-functional children's furnishings range from dual-purpose activity tables to collapsible dollhouse chairs that double as a storage unit for toys. In addition to youthful decor items that draw inspiration from adult styles, children's furnishings are also becoming more modular and practical -- performing more than one duty and evolving with kids as they grow.

While modern high-chairs are blending comfortable design details with weight-monitoring elements and adjustments that work for different age groups, children's activity tables are more multifunctional than ever before.

Rather than serving one purpose, these children's furnishings include crayon-embedded desks that encourage creativity and modular tables that are reconfigured to work for children as they get older. Other favorites include cribs that can be transformed into enclosed seating once a child has outgrown them.