This Adjustable High Chair Features an App-Connected Built-in Scale

 - Sep 18, 2015
References: kickstarter
Smart Froc is an adjustable high chair that allows parents to easily and consistently measure their baby or toddler's weights to ensure that they are healthy.

It's difficult to get a child, especially a baby, to stand or sit still on a scale to get an accurate measurement. This smart chair solves that problem -- with built-in weight sensors, the information can be collected with the baby only aware that they're going to be fed. The scale then connects to its companion app on a nearby smartphone. It compares your baby's age and weight to what is "normal," alerting the parent and providing a means to communicate that information with the child's pediatrician if need be.

Finally, the adjustable high chair is conveniently designed so that it can transform from a table-top enclosed high chair to an open-concept seat that grows with children all the way up to ten-years-old.