Sugar Love is a Candy Concept Designed for Those with a Sweet-Tooth

 - Sep 14, 2015
References: packagingoftheworld
Created by Canadian graphic designer Alaa Abuamra, Sugar Love is a candy concept designed for those with an extreme sweet-tooth. Recalling the minimalist, pristine branding of Sugarfina, Sugar Love is elegant and indulgent all at once.

Boasting whiteout branding highlighted by brightly depicted varieties of candy, the packaging scheme for the concept Sugar Love range are white stand-up pouches. Each flavor is denoted by an over-sized image of the respective candy on the front of the white packaging that highlights the unique texture.

Although simple, this candy concept manages to communicate a cohesive, strong brand that appeals to millennials predisposed to transparent, clean visual branding. The dynamic concept for a chocolate and candy brand would surely make an easy transition into the retail landscape.