Cancer Research UK's Infographic Measures the Volunteering Sector

 - Oct 31, 2014
Cancer Research UK put together a helpful Infographic, titled 'A Statistical Overview of the Voluntary Sector,' which examines current volunteering stats, new measures in the industry and the ways in which technology can be utilized for the purposes of social good.

We can infer that our shifting, digital climate has had a positive effect on the volunteering sector, as it has achieved its highest rate since 2007-8. Strangely enough, though more people are donating their time, they are less likely to donate their money. Charitable donations haven't been this low since 2005.

Women aged 35-49 years old are the most likely to volunteer. Female volunteers hedge out their male counterparts by four percent, with 46% of women (compared to 42% of men) engaging in volunteer work.