The BlueFire is a Lengthening Camera Extension for Mobile Devices

 - Dec 18, 2015
References: amazon & dudeiwantthat
The BlueFire lengthening smartphone camera extension that can be used as an endoscope in a variety of situations. The gadget allows users to place a camera inside tight places and see what is happening inside for project renovations.

Having an endoscope handy is ideal for consumers that partake in construction work, home repairs or plumbing and are constantly in need of seeing in places that the body can't fit into. The BlueFire features an 10-metre cord with a light and camera at the end that connects to any standard Android smartphone device. The tip of the endoscope can be dropped into places such as pipes, floorboards and the like to test out projects, scope out problem areas and see in areas that are otherwise inaccessible. The camera is also conveniently waterproof.