This Cambodian Drink is Made with Robusta Coffee and Condensed Milk

New Leaf Book Café in Siem Reap, Cambodia, serves up a delicious Cambodian drink that is similar to Vietnamese-style coffee. Unlike the cold brew served in North America, this drink is a rich and creamy treat that rivals that of dessert.

Khmer-style iced coffee is similar to Vietnamese coffee in that it is served with condensed milk. The coffee served at New Leaf Book Café is made with robusta beans from the Annamite Mountains in northeastern Cambodia. While robusta is often considered inferior to the arabica varieties commonly consumed in North America, robusta beans actually make the perfect base for the sickeningly sweet taste of condensed milk. In the case of the New Leaf Book Café, the beans are sourced from the Three Corner Coffee Roaster, which helps provide stable work for Khmer men and women.

The delicious Cambodian drink is likely to appeal to consumers who prefer their coffee on the sweet side.