New NYC Restaurant Rule

 - Apr 21, 2008
References: nytimes
Here's a scary stat: Over the last two years, New Yorkers gained 10 million lbs!! Isn't that insane? Forunatley, the city is stepping up to address the issue and are implimenting a new law that restaurants must post calorie counts next to each item on the menu.

Would you still order the 740 calorie Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese and still "quench your thirst" with a large chocolate shake at McDonalds which has, no joke, 1,160 calories?

And what about for your kids? A chicken McNugget happy meal with a large orange juice would add up to 740 calories. Simply choosing "salad" isn't necessarily a low cal option. An Asian Salad with Crispy Chicken and low fat ginger dressing still has 540 calories.

A lot of restaurants aren't so happy about the new rules because they know they're going to lose business as soon as people become conscious of how easily they can overindulge.

Instead of being defeated by the new rule, the restaurants who will come out on top will be those who innovate their menus and start generating lower calorie options.