Caleb Morris Paints Soulful Characters with Surreal Body Parts

 - Dec 19, 2011
References: & lacarpa.tumblr
These Caleb Morris paintings may unnerve those with extremely weak stomachs. After all, seeing people's necks being used as bird nests and elongated arms bent in unnatural directions can totally be visual elements of a horror movie. But Caleb Morris handles these surreal concepts in a tender manner, making them highly accessible to viewers thanks to his delicate and whimsical painting style.

Getting past the oddity of Caleb Morris' work, viewers will recognize that the subjects featured in his latest collection of paintings are all blue collared individuals. Morris explains that the problems these 19th and 20th century workers endured are, "universal and timeless." This definitely rings true as the soulful yet pained expressions on his subjects' faces are easily empathized with despite not knowing the source of their woes.