Baby Cakes' Cake Pop Maker is Portable and Easy to Use

 - Sep 20, 2017
References: amazon
Baby Cakes is a kitchen appliance brand known for its portable and easy-to-use cake pop makers. The brand's best-selling product is available in a variety of bright color options, and allows dessert lovers to create the popular, bite-sized treats at home.

Each Baby Cakes cake pop maker is fitted with a 12-piece baking plate which boasts a non-stick, and mess-free surface. Additionally, each accessory is sold alongside a set of accompanying accessories including a plastic cake pop stand which allows freshly baked cake pops to cool before they are ready to eat. The accessories also include a fork tool, a set of 50 cake pop sticks, and even a recipe log consisting of fun dessert ideas for users to try.

Gaining popularity thanks to major QSR brands like Starbucks, cake pops are a guilt-free dessert that is indulgent while keeping portion control in mind. This at-home cake pop tool lets users create their own version of the treat while saving money in the process.