Barista Bros' Café Creations Take Cues from Decadent Flavors

Following the success of the Barista Bros Mocha in 2017, Barista Bros is now launching a new line of flavored milk products called Café Creations that takes inspiration from decadent flavors and desserts. The range includes Toffee Almond Panna Cotta, Butterscotch Brownie and Dark Chocolate Fudge, which have been introduced to satisfy a demand for indulgent flavors and attract new consumers—both male and female—to the category.

To support the launch of its new products, Barista Bros will be introducing a campaign with in-store, out-of-home and online content that encourages consumers to "indulge a little." As part of its push to get the new products into the hands of consumers, the brand will also be sharing samples nationwide and teaming up with popular food delivery platforms such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats.