Layer3's Cable Services Aim to Revolutionize Cable TV-Watching

 - Apr 12, 2016
References: layer3tv & engadget
Layer3 TV is a brand new cable services company that is designed to tackle many of the biggest and most widespread problems that users of regular cable providers like Time Warner or Comcast might come to encounter.

For one, Layer3's cable services are designed to avoid overly compressed video, the kind of which is common in most cable services. To make this possible, it uses efficient H.265 encoding and a special fiber optics system that allows you to balance out bandwidth use and broadcast quality. As far as the general customer service experience goes, Layer3 is bold enough to promise very precise service appointment windows as well as installation that's so easy that you can eventually do it yourself.

Ultimately, Layer3 is bidding to make a very welcome entry into a cable services market that is in need of rejuvenation and modernization.