These Implants Help Glaucoma Patients Measure Their Eye Health

 - May 1, 2018
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A professor at Caltech has developed a high-tech eye implant that is designed to make it possible to monitor and keep tabs on the eyes of patients with glaucoma in order to ensure that they can receive proactive treatment.

What's great about this particular eye implant is that it is bio-inspired, with the glasswing butterfly serving as its inspiration. This butterfly is known for having wings that hardly reflect any light, and this anti-reflective property has been used to create an eye implant. The implants are sheathed with nano-meter sized components that bounce light right off, allowing for accurate measurements of eye pressure.

These eye implants are still very much in the research and development phase, but if and when commercialized, they could enable glaucoma patients to take eye health monitoring into their own hands.