Nestlé's New Buncha Crunch Dark is Made with 100% Dark Chocolate

 - Apr 27, 2018
References: businesswire & chewboom
To capitalize on the growing popularity of dark chocolate, Nestlé is offering a new twist on two of its most popular chocolate products in the form of Crunch Dark and Buncha Crunch Dark. Featuring crunchy crisped rice pieces and real chocolate, the new treats are perfect for those who prefer their chocolate on the dark side.

Like the original Crunch Bars, Nestlé Crunch Dark is a 1.5-oz single bar embedded with crunchy pieces of crisped rice. But instead of milk chocolate, the new bar is made with 100 percent real dark chocolate. Similarly, the new Buncha Crunch Dark combines bite-sized pieces of Crunch Bars with real dark chocolate.

With both products now permanent additions to the Nestlé candy bar lineup, it is clear that dark chocolate is more popular than ever among consumers.

Image Credits: Nestlé.