Bulk Dominoes' New Accessories Add Dimension to Dominoes

 - Nov 29, 2016
References: bulkdominoes & core77
Bulk Dominoes' set of domino accessories make it easy for users to create novel domino courses. Designed by Studio Moya, the accessories come in bright colors and add functionality that users wouldn't be able to achieve while playing on their own.

There are several accessories in the Bulk Dominoes' set. The bridge is a section of track that lifts the dominoes up a level, allowing a creative individual to build domino courses that intersect with one another. Adding to this bridge concept is the 4-way splitter, which is the same as the one-way bridge but with a perpendicular intersection at the top. Most inventively, Bulk Dominoes offers a switch that reverses the direction of a domino line by swiveling when it gets hit by an incoming domino.