Mercedes-Benz's 'Built to Be Wild' Ad Features Peter Fonda

 - Nov 13, 2017
References: youtube & nytimes
Considering that boomers are the group most likely to consider purchasing a luxury vehicle, the iconography in Mercedes-Benz's 'Built to Be Wild' ad makes perfect sense. The ad features Peter Fonda, one of the biggest film actors of the 70s and the star of 'Easy Rider', a film that came to be synonymous with the attitude, style, and beliefs of the Baby Boomer generation.

To be sure, the Built to Be Wild ad isn't just a rehashing of the biker ethos established in Easy Rider. Rather, it recognizes just how far Boomers have come. The ad opens with a parodic portrayal of stereotypical bikers drinking, arm wrestling, and playing pool in a roadside bar. Those goofy characters get their bikes blocked in by a fancy car, only to discover that it's driven by their hero, Peter Fonda himself.