The Lightfarm Collects Energy and Looks Appealing

 - Jan 26, 2012
References: mohsen-saleh & mohsen-saleh
The 'Lightfarm' aims to integrate concentrated solar technology in a building’s facade, and to supply major energy consumption by installing hybrid CPV modules on buildings. CPV modules have been proven to be at least two times more efficient than conventional photo voltaic panels.

In this approach, an integrated glass facade and also rooftop would be used for collecting and concentrating light rays, which then is used for heating and power generation by CPV photovoltaic cells. This kind of PV has an efficiency of 30-40%, and is suitable for concentrated light from ten and even up to 1000 times the intensity of sun rays.

The great thing about the Lightfarm is that it looks like a glass window, so it's eco-friendly and looks sharp.