The 'Budget by the Numbers' Infograph Lays Out the American 2013 Spending

One of the most fundamental concepts surrounding the 2012 Presidential election in the States is how candidates are anticipating spending the tax dollars of the voters. 'Budget by the Numbers' is a handy infographic that boils down the numbers and gives you a snapshot of what the candidates are proposing. Whether you vote based on ideological values or fiscal sense, you can definitely appreciate the clarity of this excellent graph.

The graph compares the Democratic budget (proposed by President Obama) that focuses mainly on spending more, but also creating a higher revenue over the next five years than the opponent GOP budget. The Republicans, however, are proposing less spending and an overall anticipated less deficit over the next five years.

The economy has been widely cited as the number one concern of Americans going into the 2012 election, the Budget by the Numbers graph should help alleviate some of your confusion on the issue.