This Little Device Creates Millions of Bubbles in the Tub

 - Feb 7, 2014
References: amazon & findmeagift
Make bath time luxuriously enjoyable with a bubble bath machine.

There's no better feeling than taking a warm bath on a cold day and feeling thousands of soft bubble on your skin. But it's hard work and sometime really annoying just to get a substantial amount of bubbles and to make them last through the whole duration of your bath. This tiny bubble bath machine is perfect for anyone who cherishes their alone time in the tub. The bubble bath machine sticks onto your tub through suction cups and it holds your favorite bubble liquid, then shoots out millions of bubbles.

This makes a great gift for the stressed out mom or overworked wife or even just for yourself. Make bath time more enjoyable with endless amounts of bubbles around you and let them soak up all the days stress.