The Brompton Dock Revamps the Concept of Bikeshares

 - Jul 28, 2011
References: pilot.bromptondock & treehugger
Since its July 1st installation at the Guilford train station in Surrey, England, the Brompton Dock project has become a smashing victory for cyclists, environmentalists and regular travelers in the area.

For a fee of $81, you can purchase a Brompton Dock smartcard that gives you access to the concept bikes. After swiping your card, you're invited to choose any of the 40 folding bicycles, carry it onto the train and eventually ride the cycle to your destination. The cyclists can use the rented two-wheeler for however long they want, yet users will be billed at a rate of $2.60 for each day the bike is in use.

For futuristic bikes worth over $1,000 each, the bikes have forced the community to sink a considerable amount of money and trust into the Brompton Dock project. Hopefully, users will reciprocate with money and trust of their own. Observing the success of the Bixi and Vélib bikeshare programs in Toronto and Paris respectively, it's likely that the Brompton bikes will deliver a splash among English train passengers.