John Shireman's Broken Flowers Photograph series Break the Mold

 - Sep 11, 2012
References: flickr & petapixel
You might fall to pieces after taking a look at John Shireman's Broken Flowers photograph collection.

To create these images, Shireman first takes a picture of a colorful flower against a pure white background. Then, after dipping the flowers in liquid nitrogen for varying amounts of time, he smashes them to bits using a special spring-loaded device and captures the destruction using a high-speed camera. The result is images with hundreds petal pieces spread out across a white canvas like shards of painted porcelain and broken glass.

Heartbreaking, yet incredibly beautiful at the same time, the images are a reminder of the impermanence and fragility of nature.

To see more of Shireman's amazing floral photography as well as other imagery he's created, check out his Flickr page.