Brilliantly Strange Photography by Todd Baxter

 - Mar 26, 2009   Updated: Mar 30 2011
References: baxterphoto
“Creative, strange, yet awesome” is how I would describe the work of photographer Todd Baxter. I am totally in love with it.

Not only are his compositions brilliantly strange, but a really strong sense of humour shines through. I mean, check out the carpet monster or the pictures of the models with animal masks on their heads.

Implications - There are few things that appeal to a wider audience than humor, and marketing companies that take this important realization into account are far more likely to get their intended message across to consumers. Anything that simultaneously entertains and informs is infinitely more pervasive than one that attempts only the latter and this oddball collection of art definitely has some great examples of how bizarre humor can be wholly captivating for audiences.