Brikolor Guarantees 300 Years of Use

 - May 12, 2009   Updated: Jul 26 2011
References: brikolor.tumblr & springwise
The art of recycle, reduce and reuse has officially reached another level with Brikolor's new line of durable furniture.

Brikolor, a Swedish company, has set a goal to make furniture “with a guaranteed emotional and technical durability of 300 years.”

In the time of our current economy, it appears as though Brikolor has hit a consumer jackpot.

Brikolor is just revealing what we already know: If you have real lasting value, you will survive.

Implications - Since the recent economic downturn, many of society's consumers invest their money in items much more consciously. Products worthy of investment are those with long-lasting qualities and that are available at a fairly affordable price.