the Brighter Monday Job Board Ensures a Better Job Fit

 - Apr 30, 2014
References: & designtaxi
Kenyan-based ad agency Flametree has created a series of inventive advertisements for 'Brighter Monday,' a job board also stationed in the country.

The ads feature a visual representation of its slogan, which reads, "Stuck in the wrong job? Visit our website to find the right job for you." Indeed, the ads literally show people "stuck" or caged within the wrong profession. We see a desperate construction worker trying to fight his way out of the confines of a hammer, a dejected-looking chef cornered inside a whisk and a morose doctor trapped inside a syringe.

The advertisements authentically portray the "caged feelings of anger, despair and frustration" that come with being unhappy in the job you're in. Overall, the striking ads are a brilliant way to inspire people to use the job board.