Over 30 Artists Designed Miami's Brickwell City Center

 - Dec 6, 2018
References: casacor.abril.br & wallpaper
Miami's Design Week hosts some of the most exciting and innovative exhibits of the year, but the city's Brickwell City Center is home to the most immersive experience the week-long event has to offer.

The space's interior has been filled with a vast collection of 'micro-environments.' This means that each room holds something completely new. As guests move around the space they'll navigate their way through rooms filled with natural flora or the latest technology. Over 30 designers came together to curate each space, with each room offering a different message. The goal of the takeover at the Brickwell City Center is to encourage onlookers to think about the relationship between art, technology, nature, and design.

Image credit: Kris Tamburello