The Brecht Vandenbroucke Portfolio is Strange and Engrossing

Looking through the Brecht Vandenbroucke portfolio is like looking into the mind of a wildly talented and funny social satirist. Vandenbroucke's paintings and illustrations often feature colorful landscapes, absurdist imagery, and lighthearted but sharp pop culture commentary.

Vandenbroucke studied illustration at the the St-Lucas Hogeschool in Ghent, and he boasts an enviable client list; his work has appeared in venerable publications like Vice and the New York Times.

My favorite image in the Brecht Vandenbroucke portfolio shows what appears to be a ghost in a black robe draped over a hotel. The image is drawn as if it were being viewed through Google StreetView. The illustration captures the best parts of the Brecht Vandenbroucke portfolio in one image -- irreverent, contemporary and patently ridiculous.