Toshiba Unveiled a New Disease-Detecting Breathalyzer for Patients

 - Mar 19, 2014
References: gizmodo
Toshiba introduces its disease-detecting breathalyzer test, capable of diagnosing diseases by analyzing the air a patient exhales.

The breath analyzer prototype blasts the patient's exhaled air with a quantum cascade laser, and gaseous compounds in the breath absorb the laser's energy, furthermore emitting the energy in measurable forms that are unique to each compound. A spectroscopy is then conducted, analyzing the emitted energy from each individual.

This device is able to detect "acetone (an indicator of diabetes), acetaldehyde (made when the body metabolizes alcohol, and responsible for hangovers) and methane (whose levels indicate a patient's intestinal health)." This is also geared towards use of diet guiding, exercise and nutritional support.

Imagine being able to simply breath into a device, and know upfront if you have a disease. As nerve-wracking as that can be, it is a revolutionary medical advancement that should be considered by all in ensuring medical security.