The 'Matureware' Brass Home Accessories are Designed to Age Beautifully

 - May 16, 2016
References: nalatanalata & coolhunting
Mr. Toshihiro Futagami is a Japanese industrial designer with a vision that incorporates minimalism and vintage details at the same time, especially seen in this collection of brass home accessories. The elegant brass has a natural finish that juxtaposes the clean lines of the shapes it is cut into. With this, the everyday objects become works of art in themselves, while also providing necessary functions.

The collection includes a doorknob with accentuated lines and edges, intricate wall mounts and a light switch that makes the mundane task of turning on a light seem like a treat. The collection is named 'Matureware,' eluding to the ability brass has to age well and become more interesting as it does, with new unique details formed into the surface as time passes. The pieces are made to provide a tasteful delicate accent to your home.