Beaney Wild Honey's Branding and Packaging Identity is Stunningly Sweet

 - Jun 25, 2014
References: noem9studio & packagingoftheworld
There is something about honey that gives off a holistic and healthy vibe -- but it comes down to the right branding and packaging identity to get it to have that desired effect on consumers.

Imagine walking down the aisle in your local supermarket and seeing this beautifully packaged Beaney Wild Honey. Your first instinct will be to pull in off the shelves to take a closer look at the label. That is the whole point of a successful branding and packaging identity -- and Beaney Wild Honey get it just right. The 100% natural honey from Andorra, Teruel is organic and crafted to perfection by the people who do everything from start to finish -- from taking care of the bees to the honey extraction to the distribution.

The visual identity for Beaney Wild Honey was created by design firm Noem9 Studio.