The VaughShannon Branch Table is Meant to Spark Curiosity

 - Oct 31, 2009   Updated: Aug 8 2011
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The Branch table looks like it could go perfectly in an eco-conscious child's playroom. Or it could just as easily go in the room of a childish eco-conscious adult.

VaughShannon designed their Branch table with the goal of making people wonder how it balances. I don't wonder how it balances, but I do wonder how VaughShannon comes up with so much cute stuff. Check out the links below for more of their inspired work.

Implications - This VaughShannon Branch table was created with the specific goal of confusing and intriguing. Looking at it at a variety of different angles, it's clear why they believed they would be able to do that. The VaughShannon Branch table is luxurious, stylish, and every bit as confounding as intended. Who knows how it balances? It looks incredible.