Mico Headphones Matches Songs to Your Mood

 - Mar 16, 2013
References: youtube & mashable
Mico brain scanning headphones detect your subconscious mood by scanning your brain waves and then plays music accordingly. This technology may seem invasive, but because music depends on mood, and mood depends on music, so tapping in to your subconscious means Mico brain scanning headphones allows you to experience musical serendipity.

Mico headphones were developed by Neurowear, and uses electroencephalograph sensors that scan brain patterns to match moods with an appropriate song. Sensors worn on your forehead are able to detect brain waves and brain scanning headphones. The headphones then analyze the current condition of your brain and finds corresponding songs from the Mico database.

Instead of constantly searching for songs to fit your mood, you can experience completely customized music just by wearing this Mico brain scanning headphone.