The Braille Staircase Handrail Helps the Blind Navigate Buildings

 - Mar 20, 2013
References: & tuvie
Taking the stairs should remain an option for the visually impaired and every public set of steps should be enhanced with the Braille Staircase Handrail system. This concept is an ingenious suggestion for installation in all sorts of buildings, especially those without elevators.

Red Dot Design Award winners Bao Haimo, Jin Zhixun, Li Xinyi, Zhou Wenqiang and Li Meiyan propose the integration of three rows of small holes that would line both guardrails. Pegs can be slotted into these and left raised to spell out words that can be read with the fingertips. It's suggested that information regarding apartment building tenants might be described in the Braille Staircase Handrail. Additionally, separate sections could be felt with the right hand to inform the user of the numbered floor to which he's ascending or descending.