These Braille Sight Glasses Convert Scenery into Braille

 - Feb 15, 2012
References: & yankodesign
Designers Seungwoo Kim and Harim Lee created these innovative and oddly beautiful Braille Sight glasses. This intriguing eyewear concept interprets the visual world and converts it into braille. The glasses' frames (Frame of Sight) capture images of the wearer's surroundings then syncs these snapshots onto the lenses (Braille Pad) and converts the images into braille.

While the Braille Sight glasses are still only a concept, this design opens up a world of possibilities. People deprived of their sight can now tactically experience such majestic sights as the Eiffel Tower or feel a display of fireworks. Even people lucky enough to see will be clamoring to give these intriguing spectacles a try.

Striking, extraordinary and exciting, the Braille Sight glasses let you get a feel for your surroundings.