The Braille Electric Plug Tags by Shuwen Chen Simplify Identification

 - Jan 19, 2012
References: yankodesign
For those with sight, identifying cables in a multi-socket board can be a challenge, so imagine how difficult it must be for the visually impaired; this is why designer Shuwen Chen created the Braille Electric Plug Tags.

Reusable and easy to use, these 2011 red dot design concept winners make it easy for the blind to identify cables. Using Braille, icons and English abbreviations of products, these practical Velcro tags can be used to mark any appliance or gadget. Moreover, because these labels have icons, they can also be used by the seeing.

Although the Braille Electric Plug Tags are still a concept, I'm sure this incredible product will soon become a reality and will make daily tasks like unplugging an electronic device much easier.