These Joseph Altuzarra Purses Incorporate Authentic Matador Bull Ropes

These braided rope handbags by Joseph Altuzarra incorporate a very unique design element: the leather whips used by New Mexican bull fighters.

For his Fall 2015 collection, Joseph Altuzarra decided to research whips and knots as inspiration for a line of braided rope purses and bags. He discovered a craftsman in New Mexico who manufactured custom bull ropes for professional Matadors. Altuzarra ordered his own bull rope and began working with it.

The resulting collection of braided rope handbags is incredibly original and tasteful. The leather bull ropes, knotted into gorgeous, intricate patterns, make up the straps and adornments of the bags. The cutting-edge Joseph Altuzarra handbags are available in a range of sizes and shapes, from larger carry-all bags to small purses. Each one beautifully showcases the re-purposed braided rope.