Bozo's Hangover by Henrique Oliveira Looks Like a Clown's Vomit

 - May 22, 2014
References: henriqueoliveira & beautifuldecay
If a person ever wondered what vomit would look like spewing from the mouth of a clown, perhaps the Bozo's Hangover artwork would be the best answer. Although clearly a surreal answer, it is one that plays on people's imaginations in a disgustingly playful way. Granted, the blob of psychedelic colors could easily be considered something much more abstract.

Created by Henrique Oliveira, an artist hailing from Brazil, Bozo's Hangover is a sculpture that is made out of plywood and acrylic paint. Choice materials for the artist, who has created some stunning site-specific sculptures in the past, they are often picked up from the streets of Sao Paolo, where he lives. According to Beatiful Decay, "The objects’ swirls, knots and root-like quality allude to both natural and artificial substances."