BOTL Uses the Principle of Sweating to Keep Contents Cool

 - Jun 21, 2012
References: & yankodesign
Temperature makes a huge difference to peoples' enjoyment of what they consume. Water is no exception to this and it's kept deliciously chilled in this sports BOTL by Benjamin Helle.

Inspired by the way that mammals cool themselves down, the designer gave his water bottle a skin. A rough canvas jacket covers the entirety of the flask below the cap with the gaps in the woven material to facilitate its ingenious low-technology.

If you begin with cold H2O when you start your bike ride then condensation will form on the outside of the plastic. The cloth absorbs this moisture so that it doesn't drip off and it instead becomes the cooling agent. BOTL by Benjamin Helle chills the liquid inside with the help of the fresh breeze that meets the moisture to cool the canteen.