'Botanique Pure Nature' Celebrates Nature's Best for Skin and Hair

La Biosthetique's 'Botanique Pure Nature' range celebrates potent, plant-powered ingredients for the skin and hair. The Botanique Pure Nature range includes three segments—Balancing, Gentle and Intense—that offer harmonizing, activating and cleansing solutions based on one's desired level of treatment. These product collections include gels, conditioners, styling mousse and shampoos that are powered by functional ingredients. While La Biosthetique's Intense range can help to stimulate the hair and scalp with an invigorating combination of ginseng, mint and lemon, the Gentle range features ingredients like ginkgo extract and lavender essence that provide calming properties.

All of the 100% natural, plant-powered care products are vegan and halal, as well as free from parabens, silicones, mineral oil, sulphates and alcohol additives.

As well as being able to enjoy each product's clean formula and functional benefits, consumers will also be delighted by the scents, which were crafted by botanical perfumes creator Tanja Bochnig.