I Did Not Vote For Boris

 - May 20, 2008
References: ididntvoteforboris
London has a new mayor, and the story of how he got elected is very interesting. A ton of people thought it would be funny to vote for someone called Boris Johnston (see video); in fact, so many that he actually got in!

The web is alive with sites dedicated to Boris or Bo Jo. The blog roll is really rather impressive and demonstrates the viral nature of the scenario. It really does illustrate the power of a good sense of humour!

Already he has banned the consumption of alcohol on the tube, which is a very good idea indeed. In ad off way, you have got to kind of love him, as the video shows: I can't believe I shared that in public!..

A few great sites:

ididntvoteforboris.co.uk - photos of women, men, children, dogs (my dog, Fungus the Boneyman is pictured) united in the fact they did not vote for Boris!

boriswatch.com - sells celebratory Boris hoodies

boriswatchers.blogspot.com - celebrates the great BJ's every move!

borisborisboris.com - general random information about London's mayor