Boots and Pine Takes You Into the Homes of the Artistic and Stylish

 - Jan 28, 2013
References: bootsandpine & bootsandpine
One only needs to look at the longstanding success of author interviews to understand the general public's obsession with the methods by which creatives create, and Arden Wray's Boots and Pine takes that exercise one step further by combining the interview process with a trip into the homes and neighborhoods of various Toronto artists.

Boots and Pine began last fall as "love poems to Toronto," from creator and photographer Arden Wray, who interviews and photographs artists in and around their homes. The Boots and Pine interviews and photo shoots provide viewers with an intimate look at how personal style and energy influences the way designers, illustrators, writers, and photographers work in Hogtown.

The best part about the Boots and Pine series is discovering the disparate and decidedly non-traditional ways these artists ended up in Toronto. Each story is packed with idiosyncratic details that are eminently relatable, casually demystifying the magic behind bohemian living in a city of millions.