The 'BoomStick' is a Sound Quality Add-On Device Released at CES 2016

 - Jan 7, 2016
References: wired & theverge
Aimed at consumers wishing to enhance the sound quality of their headphones, the 'BoomStick' provides an affordable solution. When attached to any set of earphones, the impact of the device is immediately noticed, with a richer bass and bits and pieces of songs that were barely noticeable becoming more apparent.

The makers of the innovative gadget acknowledge that most consumer headphones lack in sound quality, with the best ones out of most people's price range. When in use, this sleek add-on will surely enhance and heighten your listening experience, whether it is music, a podcast or movie. The BoomStick works to better distinguish different instruments when listening to music, and also makes audio on podcasts crystal clear while making the overall auditory experience less muddled when compared to generic headphones.