The Bonsai Equilibrium Vases Will Perplex Onlookers

 - Jul 8, 2011
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If you were to just look at these Bonsai Equilibrium Vases, you would have no idea what they were until someone stuck a plant in it to demonstrate its function. This is what makes this balancing-act flower holder so awesome.

These Bonsai Equilibrium Vases are designed by Beatrix Li-Chin Loos and are made from recycled materials that are perfectly stacked, ensuring that no one side is heavier than the other. Maybe it's a little ostentatious to have such an extravagant vase to only hold a twig, but these Bonsai Equilibrium Vases are sure to be a welcomed addition to any room.

Implications - Consumers are no longer satisfied with commonplace product designs as they feel it doesn't adequately allow them to express their individuality. Corporations may garner much consumer attention by satiating their need to be different from their peers through abstract design elements in wares.