These Bolga Baskets are Sold to Help Send Girls to School in Ghana

 - Jun 24, 2015
References: facebook & boingboing.tumblr
The Bolga baskets are created by the Kalbeo Women's Trading Group in North Eastern Ghana. Each basket is designed, handcrafted and sold in order to raise money to help send young girls in Ghana to school.

In collaboration with small loans from CENSUDI, Ghana aims to provide each and very girl with an education. This campaign is being promoted with the phrase "buy a bag, send a girl to school." It is a simple phrase for a powerful movement that will prepare young women for their futures.

Due to the lack of agriculture in Africa, these women use their available resources to make these hand-woven baskets. In addition to these beautiful baskets, the Kalbeo Women's Trading Group also creates cloth, pottery and other handcrafted items.