Salts Organic Clothing Boost Body Image with Body Type-Specific Designs

 - Apr 15, 2014
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The eco fashion house Salts Organic Clothing has taken to reinventing ethical fashion by adding body type friendly designs to the mix.  By looking at dressing clients by their body type as well as using high-end organic materials and ethical manufacturing, women are being encouraged to talk openly by the brand about their bodies and how the label can help dress them better. This conversation has been taking place on Twitter in popular chats that the label hosts. 

"We want to start the conversation about how to dress your body type better.  Women want guidance and tips on how to flatter what they got." says Salts designer Jennifer Graham, "If you have trouble deciding what works for you, we can help.  There are tricks to flattering each figure."

With their three tiered approach to fashion, Salts is setting the trend for a good fashion future; a future that's body type aware, organic and ethically made.