The PIEZOLIGHT Light Sources Body Energy Created During Physical Activity

 - Mar 2, 2016
References: & yankodesign
The PIEZOLIGHT is a headlamp that is worn across the chest that is designed to provide light using body energy. The lamp works by utilizing piezo elements inside the wearer's shoes to power the lamp and provide an illuminated path for late night runners and bikers.

There is a helpful added gamified element to using the PIEZOLIGHT since the wearer has to keep moving in order for the light to have access to enough energy to shine. As wearer's keep running or biking, the piezo elements found in the soles of the user's sneakers power the battery located inside the headlamp and cause it to glow. The lamp secures comfortably around the wearer's chest leaving their limbs free to keep moving. The lamp conveniently never needs a battery replacement since it runs off of body energy.