The Bobine Blackout Dock Can Be Bent To Your Perfect Angle

 - Apr 27, 2016
References: fusechicken & gizmag
As far as device and smartphone charging docks go, they well and truly do not come in a better design or indeed a better-engineered form factor than the Bobine Blackout, the latest version of which is extraordinary flexible and versatile and will appeal to a wide swathe of smartphone users.

What's great about the Bobine Blackout charging dock is the fact that it can be plugged directly into your regular old wall charger. The steel dock that it is offered with is capable of supporting itself, and what that means for the user is that they can quickly and easily bend it to an angle that's most convenient to them, with minimum hassle and without having to worry about damaging their dock in any way. Indeed you can also use the included USB extension and place the dock down on a flat surface.

Ultimately, this charging dock stands out because of the fact that it can be used in different angles and variations, making it a versatile offering.